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Claudia Lee

Claudia Lee is a nationally certified sign language interpreter. She provides services for clients, facilitating communication, both in the Community and through Video Relay. She also contracts advocacy services, providing technical assistance related to the rights of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to be provided with equal access via effective communication.

For ten years she worked at Deaf Community Advocacy Network. Her position transitioned from Interpreter Coordinator (four years) to Deafness Resource Consultant (six years). WithIn this capacity, she provided technical assistance in improving effective communication between Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals and the hearing world, as outlined in laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Michigan’s P.A. 204. Effective communication equals (means) equal access, especially in the legal arena and most definitely in the educational setting.

She worked closely with the Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a DLEG (Department of Labor and Economic Growth) Agency, in Lansing, Michigan, to establish a statewide training initiative supported by the Governor’s office, Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Michigan State Police, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, and Michigan Fraternal Order of Police. This training initiative is to provide hearing loss awareness training for law enforcement officers, not only to explain cultural aspects of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, but also legal responsibilities for officers to provide effective communication while maintaining officer safety. Included in this program, is the "Communication Access Needs” card being distributed throughout Michigan by the Secretary of State offices. She also provided technical assistance in the video “Communication Access Needs: A Presentation for Michigan Law Enforcement Officers.” MCOLES has distributed to each police agency in Michigan a copy of this video to be used during roll call to demonstrate the use of the visor card. For more information about Michigan's Police Training Program, click here.

Claudia was a technical advisor in the establishing of the Sign Language Interpreter Program at Oakland Community College. The program was formally approved on September 26, 2004. She is currently an adjunct instructor in the program.

She is a nationally certified sign language Interpreter under the National Association of the Deaf. She also has an associate paralegal degree, assisting her with legal interpreting.

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Claudia served as a Gubernatorial appointee to the Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns (MCDC) from 2001-2005. She served as a member of the core committee and referent group working with the Michigan Department of Education addressing the challenges and meaningful solutions to providing an adequate supply of qualified interpreters for Deaf students in educational settings. She also served on the Interpreter Legislation Rules Committee to develop regulations for the newly passed ammendments to Michigan's Interpreter Act, PA 204 (PA 23 and PA 24)

Her involvement extends to the national level of interpreting, where she has been appointed by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) to serve on the National Council on Interpreting (NCI). She also serves on the Professional Development Committee (PDC), which oversees the Certification Maintenance Program for nationally certified interpreters required to accrue CEUs to maintain their certification.

Claudia's passion lies in advocacy. She continues to provide technical assistance and networking for attorneys who are litigate to ensure Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons receive the accommodations that the law provides. Her concern is that our society tends to react rather than be proactive. Her goal is to educate that while the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population is "low incidence" for many service providers, it is one with high consequences. With education and knowledge, service providers will know what the law describes as the "Right to Effective Communication" and "Equal Access"; thus, the name for this website:

Claudia is the proud mother of 3 grown children: Nichole (33) living in Miami, Florida; Aaron (29) living in Ft. Wales, FL; and Alan (26) living in Tampa Bay, Florida. She feels that they are her greatest accomplishment in life. She grew up in the Asbury Park area of New Jersey and moved to the Tampa Bay area of Florida, residing there for 22 years. She now lives in Waterford, Michigan. However, with each passing winter, Florida is looking better and better.

Computers are Claudia's hobby. (Although her sons have introduced her to the thrills of skydiving.)

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